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  1. Samuzshura
    Samuzshura 4 years ago

    1) technically yes. i have never even attempted to before though. but i don't see myself having trouble with it.

  2. Vule 4 years ago

    Hello sexy little ninja babe. I would love for you to practice your Oriental Arts on me.

  3. Zoloktilar 4 years ago

    Trump thinks the POTUS is emperor. He doesn't realize he is on equal par with Congress and the SC. It's laughable how he pretends he can boss the House around. He thinks he owns the WH rather than the people of the US. He doesn't understand he works for us, the people, not the other way around. Hasn't anyone taught him this reality? Why is everyone so afraid of him!

  4. Vitaxe 4 years ago

    Hay mamita estas bien buenota y se te ve una rica verga, en la menos terminas cogiendome a mi si no te satisfago. amo a niñas como tu porque nunca lo he hecho con el sexo opuesto

  5. Mazujin 4 years ago

    Yo te voy a besar .acariciar .morder y no te dejare mamarmela a menos que supliques

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