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  1. Mabar
    Mabar 3 years ago

    I think specific experiences of Consciousness are affected by a feedback process with surrounding expressions of Substance and Information. However, I doubt any Substance or Information could abide in any meaningful sense in the entire absence of Consciousness. To me, each of the three, CSI, seems like a fundament in that general sense. Or, if you prefer emergent, they are co-equal correlative emergents, each being necessary to the expression of the other two.

  2. Vujora
    Vujora 3 years ago

    thanks stunner just checked out your pics you are hot af xxx lets do a movie together

  3. Migis 3 years ago

    Don't listen to them. the music is good. particularly the dnb.

  4. Akijind 3 years ago

    Mom most likely slipped him her contact info for some follow-up discipline.

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